Permanent Diaconate

The Diaconate is an ordained fraternity of service-minded men who are dedicated to the needs of others, including one another. The Coordinator’s role and primary mission is to contribute to the vibrancy of the Diaconate Community.

This office oversees the administrative responsibilities for the permanent diaconate community in the Archdiocese of Ottawa as well as the permanent diaconate formation Program.

The responsibilities of this office are primarily administrative in nature. They deal with budgets, conducting interviews with deacons for placements, provide advice and support to the diaconate community, consulting with the Council of Deacons for input and/or assistance in organizing study weekends and retreats, on behalf of the Director and representing the Archdiocese of Ottawa as a member of the Ontario Deacon Leader’s Association by attending conferences held periodically throughout the year in various locations across Ontario.

Diaconate Formation Program

The mission of the Formation Program is to assist the Archbishop in fostering vocations to the Permanent Diaconate. To find men who already exhibit a vocation to service and are serving others, to provide an appropriate period of discernment and instruction for candidates, one that fosters a love for the needy, true humility and growth all in the context of a program of formation that is consistent with Cannon Law and diocesan norms.

The responsibilities for this aspect of the office are again primarily administrative in nature however there is direct interaction with the candidates in formation as they discern their vocational call.

For more information please contact: Deacon Michael Seath

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